Business Finance Case Studies

For forty years, Moody Kiddell & Partners has helped Australian businesses grow by giving them access to the asset and commercial finance they need.

We tailor our solutions to suit your business’ specific circumstances, so that you can realise your vision and safeguard its legacy.

The following are recent examples of financing solutions we tailored to our client’s needs.

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$2.5m Master Asset Finance Facility

A newly established business had an opportunity for significant investment in premium branded construction equipment to service a local market’s hire & rental demand. Alignment with a larger consumable distribution business (albeit no common ownership) provided solid foundations for immediate market penetration.

Both directors boasted strong prior business successes.

The client required a $2.5 million dollar Master Asset Finance Facility for acquisition of new capital equipment.

Moody Kiddell was able to help the client acquire additional fleet units, providing a direct uplift in revenue growth to service the proven and growing building and construction sector within their state.

Importation & Finance of Specialist Crane

A $300 million revenue industrial hire service provider engaged with Moody Kiddell & Partners to assist with the importation and subsequent funding required for the purchase of a large crane. The crane was to be delivered in time to commence work on a large 12 month contract.

At the end of the initial contract the crane will provide mobilisation advantages to all types of works especially in regards to Infrastructure projects such as bridges where competitors cranes cannot fit into the footprint, mobilise for the same cost and require greater ground works preparation allowing the client to charge a higher recovery rate due to lower external costs.

Moody Kiddell & Partners worked closely with the client to ensure the specific requirements, including the establishment of a letter of credit were understood, and the required timeline for the crane to be on site ready for project commencement.

Funding of $2 million Specialised Equipment

An innovative food manufacturing business required highly specialised equipment at a cost of $2 million.

The client approached Moody Kiddell & Partners to assist in securing funds to facilitate immediate growth and sustainable operations.

The equipment would allow:

  • diversification in product offering
  • downtime for machine maintenance
  • ability to capitalise on pending domestic and international patent approval
  • utilise significant market opportunities that exist within established distribution channels.

This deal presented many challenges including:

  • limited security
  • obscure equipment with a limited liquid secondary market

Moody Kiddell was able to achieve the desired outcome for the directors of having no guarantors and using the asset as security.

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