MKP Values and Principles

Being Client Centric

“We put the customer in the room”.

If there is no value for the client, then there is no value for us.

We walk in their work boots, to understand their business, their industry and their goals.

Success is when our clients recommend us.


“We excel at our job so that our clients can excel at theirs”.

“That’s not my job” is not part of our vocabulary – we see new tasks not as a burden but as an opportunity for growth.

We’re always available; “if you’re awake, we’re awake”.

We deliver old-fashioned service with modern technology.

Learning and Growth

“Fueled by learning, growth is a journey we all invest in”.

Learning and growth is a two-way commitment – MKP will provide the opportunity but you must embrace it.

We reward people for trying something different, there is no price for failure.

If we don’t challenge the status quo today, then we won’t beat the competition tomorrow.

We don’t measure ourselves against who someone else is today, but who we were yesterday.


“Integrity is when our actions match our words”.

We do what we say we’re going to do; when we say we’re going to do it.

Respect, inclusion, diversity, honesty and trust are non-negotiable.

Dissenting opinions are encouraged and valued – there will be no penalty for disagreement.


“We value achievement not just mere activity”.

Commit to ambitious targets, mediocrity is unacceptable.

The Founders have set the standard, it is our job to raise it.

Excellence is not just individual achievement, but also building on the achievement of others.


“Partnership is what we do”.

We hire for character, and we promote leadership.

Success alone is acknowledged, success together is celebrated.

Our people are more to us than just their performance.