Insurance for the Transport and Logistics Industry

Australia’s transport and logistics industry is vital to the nation’s economy. With an estimated annual revenue of over $100 billion, the sector employs more than a half a million people across its major sub-sectors: Logistics, Road Transport, Warehousing and Stevedoring.

The emergence of new technologies in the form of tracking, automation and autonomous vehicles, as well as Australia’s population growth and the associated rise in demand, congestion and infrastructure pressures, and environmental concerns linked to climate change, are all redefining the risk landscape for transport and logistics companies.

At MKP Insurance, we understand the unique risks that arise in Australia’s transportation and logistics industry and can tailor solutions to protect your business.

Identifying Key Risks

Transport and logistics businesses face a broad range of risks. Though these risks are often specific to the area of operations a business specializes in, a shortage of skilled workers and work health and safety concerns are among the long-standing risks facing all operators. Newer risks have also emerged, driven by operational changes and technological developments.

Whether your business operates a large national fleet, an owner-operator, or stores goods, you should have a range of insurance covers to protect your workers, safety and commercial risks.

Types of Insurance and What It Can Cover

In the transport and logistics industry, insurances fall into three broad categories: those that protect your commercial and business risks, your people and safety.

Commercial Vehicle

Protects cars, trucks, buses, utes and other vehicles that you use in the day-to-day operations of your business.


Protects your buildings, such as office facilities, and other premises, such as vehicle yards, from damage caused by events like fires, storms, explosions, falling trees or malicious damage.

Industrial Special Risk

Provides specialised coverage for businesses operating warehouse facilities (including cold storage), protecting against risks from property and stock damage to public liability.

Goods in Transit

Protects your business against financial loss if goods are lost, damaged, or destroyed while off premises and in transit.

Management Liability

Protects your management team if you’re a larger business in case you need to defend, settle or pay a compensation claim.

Business Interruption

Covers the costs of operating your business, like paying staff and covering bills while you recover and rebuild.


Safeguards you and your business against expenses and legal costs if your website or other systems are hacked.

Public Liability

Helps protect you and your business from the financial risk of being liable for negligence.

Contact MKP Insurance today for a no obligation discussion about how you can protect your transport and logistics business today.

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