The Tools to Build a Stronger Tomorrow

MKP Equipment Line
What is MKP Equipment Line?

MKP Equipment Line is our new credit product that strengthens cash flows by leveraging unused equity in your plant and equipment. By aligning your existing business assets closer to their true effective working life, MKP Equipment Line unlocks the capital you need to build stronger.

ImprovePurchase equipment, expand your business
FlexibleMore cashflow means you can adapt to new challenges
ReliableLower monthly payments & uncoupling your assets
How it Works

MKP Equipment Line recognises the true working value of your assets. By borrowing against this value, we tailor our solution to suit your needs, including Growth Capital, Cash Flow Relief, and Debt Restructure & Consolidation.

Payment Reduction

Would a reduction in your monthly repayments give you greater peace of mind to buy additional equipment?


MKP Equipment Line can lower your total monthly finance commitments, allowing you to purchase new equipment or strengthen cash flows to support your business.

Payment Deferral

Has a payment deferral prevented you from access to finance?


MKP Equipment Line can refinance this loan to open up your access to capital.

Build for a Stronger Tomorrow

The uncertainty of the Covid-Economy means that both challenges and opportunities are likely to arise for your business. MKP Equipment Line helps you to be ready for whatever comes your way. Whether it’s having the extra cash flow to navigate changes in the way you operate, or capturing the opportunity to grow your business, MKP Equipment Line lets you build for a stronger tomorrow.

Is MKP Equipment Line for You?

Business assets that you can refinance

  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Trucks & trailers
  • Earthmoving & mining equipment
  • Arbor equipment
  • Woodworking equipment

Eligible equipment contracts

Typically any contract which is more than halfway through term.

More than Covid SafeMKP Equipment Line ensures your business is not just Covid-Safe, but Covid-Secure.

Secure Cash Flows: By lowering your monthly finance payments, MKP Equipment line provides sustainable cash flow relief to safeguard your business from revenue volatility.

Safer Capital: By unlocking equity in your existing equipment, MKP Equipment Line gives you access to capital with greater peace of mind.


Covid has brought about a new normal to the economy and SME credit markets. As social and workplace restrictions continue to be eased and tightened, businesses face ongoing volatility in operations and revenue performance. Government stimulus packages, such as the JobKeeper, financier payment deferral, and Instant Asset Tax Write-Off programs, have all been designed to help businesses manage the short-term shock of the Covid crisis.

What is clear is that the Covid-Economy requires long-term solutions.

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