Loan Arrangement Services

MKP LAS can assist with structuring working capital facilities, term loans and asset based finance loans

MKP Loan Arrangement Services (LAS) provides lending solutions for positive, event based transactions such as:

  • Loan Restructures – based around assisting high growth companies to address their fixed and working capital needs
  • Shareholder buyouts – loan finance to facilitate the exit of shareholders via a debt financed sale to other internal shareholders or business stakeholders
  • Shareholder loan refinancing – replacement of related party loans with external debt finance
  • Acquisition finance – provided to facilitate earnouts ( that is vendor related finance provided to buyers )
  • Sale & Lease Back Finance – for current or used plant & equipment ( typically related to a debt restructure)
  • Other structured finance opportunities ( developed in conjunction with our clients )

Minimum transaction size for the MKP LAS is $1 million.

Loan types will vary however MKP LAS can assist with structuring working capital facilities, term loans and asset based finance loans.

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Fees/Basis of Engagement

MKP Loan Arrangement Services undertakes its work on a retainer fee plus settlement or completion fee basis all paid for by clients. In some instances the completion or settlement fee can be included in the capital raising process ( part of the debt funding raised by MKP).

Retainer fees are typically paid on agreed transaction milestones.

The majority of fee revenue derived by MKP is invoiced on settlement of the transaction.

Other client advisers including legal and accounting (tax) will, in addition to MKP LAS, also provide their oversight or input to the transaction during the course of the sale process to ensure compliance and alignment with client needs and objectives.

The mix of retainer and completion fees will vary based on the size of the transaction, estimated time for undertaking the project and other factors.

A detailed fee quotation will be provided on a non-obligation basis after an initial meeting.

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