MKP Home Loans

Purpose Built for SME Owners
The MKP Home Loans Difference

For over 40 years, Moody Kiddell has partnered with SME businesses, proudly supporting Australian entrepreneurship.

We understand that a business owner’s cash flow is different from a salaried employee, and that many residential lenders fail to appreciate this difference.

That’s why we’ve partnered with one of Australia’s leading non-bank mortgage lenders to offer a home loan purpose built to the needs of SME owners and self-employed borrowers.

Make the Most out of Your Mortgage

An MKP Home Loan can give current mortgage holders better access to the equity in their existing property to help fund business opportunities and personal projects.

Purpose Built for SME Owners and Self-Employed Borrowers
MKP Home Loan gives you the power to:

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Fixed Rate Ending? Refinance With MKP

More competitive rates

Switching lenders can mean more competitive rates. If your existing fixed-rate home loan term is expiring, the rate you move to at your current bank may not be as competitive as the rate offered to you at a different lender simply because you are a new customer.

If your bank has told you No, contact MKP Home Loans and we’ll help find a more suitable option for you.

More favourable lending terms

There is more to your home loan than an interest rate, it has to be fit for purpose. Does your current lender provide you with a loan that delivers on all your borrowing needs?

At MKP Home Loans, we help find the right lender for you, so you get a loan fit for your purpose with all the support you need, now and into the future.

Access more equity in your home loan

An MKP Home Loan may allow you to access more of the equity in your property than your bank currently offers, giving your business additional working capital. And if you have business debt consolidation needs, including tax debt with the ATO, you can restructure and consolidate these loans and refinance your business debts against your home.

Save valuable time

By putting your loan in the hands of a broker who you can contact directly throughout the loan, you simplify the borrowing process, saving you valuable time as well as gaining expert advice and guidance.

We Make the Refinancing Process EasyTalk to us about an Alt Doc Loan

With an Alt Doc loan, you may only need to provide an estimate of your net business income and household expenses and supply as little as your last two lodged BAS returns as supporting documents.

As your mortgage broker, MKP can introduce you to a range of borrowing options, including major banks, regional banks and non-bank lenders that can offer Low Doc (Alt Doc) loans.

We understand your needs and can match them to lenders who are most comfortable serving your market and borrowing profile. For instance, if you have a large acreage property in an outer metropolitan area or a smaller regional centre, we know which lender will be most likely to service your borrowing needs.

If you wish to purchase a commercial property, we also have options for full-doc or low-doc loans across a range of major banks, regional banks and specialist lenders.

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