Negotiating a Better Insurance Claim

Navigating the insurance claims process is often a difficult and time consuming experience. Insurers can be hesitant to pay on legitimate claims amounts, and the burden of proof is always placed on the claimant to demonstrate the true value of the insured property. This can lead to business owners having to decide whether they are willing to spend the significant time and energy required to validate their claim, or accept a settlement that is less than equitable.

Insurance brokers are here to advise their clients through the claims process, and advocate on their behalf with insurance companies, saving them valuable time and often negotiating a fairer settlement. At MKP Insurance, we see many instances of insurers offering to pay out claims well below their true value. One recent example is of a client who rejected their insurer’s initial offer turned to MKP Insurance to guide them through the claims process towards a fairer settlement.


A client’s truck and trailer were damaged when a wind gust blew the trailer over when tipping. While the truck was assessed to be repairable, the trailer was a total loss.


The insurers initially made a market value offer on the trailer, which was subsequently rejected by the client because of the significant improvements they had made to the trailer.


MKP sought additional invoices for improvements to the trailer from the client with a view of obtaining a fairer settlement, and submitted them to the insurer seeking a review of their initial offer.

The insurer responded that the trailer was valued on its own merit, noting the improvements would not add any extra value to the trailer.

MKP then submitted a complaint with the insurer based on the vehicle improvements. The insurer then increased their original offer by $5,000. The client subsequently rejected this offer.

MKP then sought a copy of the assessor’s report and the market value research. We queried their research, noting the assessor was quoting the incorrect trailer specifications and pre-accident condition of the trailer. We advised the insurer that the trailer was 3 metres longer and had a draw bar.


Based on the evidence provided by MKP Insurance, the insurer agreed to increase the offer by $13,500.00 which the client accepted.

An experienced insurance broker can help clients navigate the claims process, and ensure they receive the maximum claim amount possible. At MKP Insurance, we pride ourselves on assisting our clients every step of the way, from enquiry through to the payment of claims. Our service does not end once we have arranged your insurance policy.

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Mark Thirgood
National Claims Manager

Mark Thirgood has over 40 years experience in the General Insurance Industry, with claims roles at insurance brokers, insurers and assessing companies.