We Launch MKP Equipment Line to Help Australian Businesses Helping Business to Lower Monthly Finance Payments and Strengthen Cash Flows
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Oct 14, 2020 · 1 min read

The innovative new credit product set to offer companies greater flexibility and peace of mind during the Covid-Economy.

Moody Kiddell & Partners today launched their new credit product, MKP Equipment Line. The product, which lowers companies’ monthly finance payments by unlocking equity in existing plant and equipment, is the only one of its kind on the Australian market. Equipment Line can be tailored to aid businesses with Growth Capital, Cash Flow Relief, and Debt Restructure and Consolidation, and is set to be a vital source of credit during the Covid Economy.

“We believe this will allow businesses to navigate the current economic volatility with real confidence” said, MKP CEO Alex Moody.

“What’s becoming clear is that the changes Covid-19 has brought to the economy are long-term, and therefore require long-term solutions. The government stimulus packages are short-term fixes and do not address the structural changes we have seen take place in the Australian market over the past six months.

We developed MKP Equipment Line to be a sustainable solution for businesses, allowing them to build for a stronger tomorrow.”

By aligning existing assets closer to their effective working life, MKP Equipment Line borrows against the true working value of plant and equipment to unlock equity and strengthen cash flows.

These stronger cash flows will offer Australian businesses greater flexibility in their ability to navigate the revenue and operational uncertainties brought about by Covid-19, including building opportunities for growth, funding business improvements, as well as decoupling personal assets from companies.

Business owners looking to strengthen their cash flow or lower repayments can contact Moody Kiddell for a no obligation discussion by calling 1300 000 657 or click hereto enquire.

Moody Kiddell & Partners is a diversified financial services company established in 1981. Partnering with Australian businesses, MKP offers tailored finance, insurance and advisory solutions. With a national infrastructure and nearly four decades of expert service, Moody Kiddell is the partner Australian business needs.

MKP Group
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